These are samples of some of the materials I use. There are many more but these are scans of pieces I have 'on the shelf'. The images give an idea of the appearance but since they are all natural products each piece will have a different specific 'look'.
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If you would like any item made from a specific wood, send me an enquiry and I'll do my best to source it.
African Blackwood
A very dark heavy wood with good figuring that takes a high gloss.
SG-1.27 : Cost - Very High
African Padauk
A bright 'Orange' colour with close grained background but open grained figuring that takes a high polish.
SG-0.75 : Cost - High
African Tulipwood
A rich ruddy colour with good figure
SG-0.97 : Cost - High
A lovely 'blond' timber with interesting and variable grain.
SG-0.67 : Cost - Low
Creamy even grain, good in combination with darker woods
SG-0.71 : Cost - Low
Black Walnut
Beautiful timber that takes a good finish
SG-0.61 : Cost - Medium
A hard wood with fine texture that takes detail well
SG-0.89 : Cost - Low
A beautifully figured wood that has all but replaced Rio Rosewood which is very seldom available
SG-1.1 : Cost - High
A fine grained wood with little or no figure, used where a solid black high gloss is wanted
SG-0.96 : Cost - Very High
Light, both in weight and colour with a medium texture, Elm often has interesting figure and is a good foil to darker timbers in combination
SG-0.57 : Cost - Low
Sometimes called 'Brazilian Walnut' as it has a similar deep colour to true Walnut
SG-0.66 : Cost - Medium
Also called 'Goncalo Alves', Has good figuring and close grain which polishes well
SG-0.91 : Cost - Medium
Highly figured dense timber of the 'Rosewood' Family
SG-1.05 : Cost - Very High
This has a strong contrast between sap and heart wood and takes a high polish
SG-0.85 : Cost - Medium
Very dence blackwood with swirling grain
SG-1.22 : Cost - Very High
Classic cabinet maker timber with very variable grain patterns
SG-0.66 : Cost - Low
Silky textured light colourd wood sometimes figured. Takes fine detail and polishes well
SG-0.71 : Cost - Low
Maple Burr
Generally slightly darker than its straight Maple cousin, This is a highly figured sample having imense character
SG-0.65 : Cost - High
Golden Brown base colour with random streaks of dark brown, Purple or Black giving a 'Marbleing' effect
SG-1 : Cost - Medium
Masur Birch
Creamy background with outstandiing markings of light brown similar to a 'Bird's Eye' Maple
SG-0.65 : Cost - High
Mother of Pearl
Flat sheet available in small sizes (50mm Sq - 1.5mm thick) used for detailing. I also have 'Dots' from 2mm ∅ to 6mm ∅
SG-2.78 : Cost - High
Good solid hardwood often with strong figured grain
SG-0.71 : Cost - Low
Very close grained and well figured timber that takes a superb finish
SG-0.99 : Cost - Medium
Pink Ivory
As its name suggests, 'Pink' in colour with very close grain and subtle figuring
SG-1.06 : Cost - High
Purple Heart
A rich purple after exposure to sunlight though a mid brown initially. With close straight grain prized for its colour and often used as an accentuated detail.
SG-0.9 : Cost - High
Arguably the most beautiful, certainly the most expesive, wood in the world! The best examples costing 3 to 5 times as much as Kingwood
SG-1.17 : Cost - Extreme
A warm colour with little figuring.   Finished with oil it takes a 'sheen' but due to fairly loose grain doesn't polish.
SG-0.66 : Cost - Low
Thuya Burr
Highly figured 'Burr' with very close grain that takes a high polish.  
SG-0.9 : Cost - Very High
Hard and heavy substitute for Lignum Vitæ. Good figure and high polish
SG-1.2 : Cost - Very High
Violet Rosewood
A deep 'burgundy' colour with very close grain which takes a brilliant polish.. Very limited supply since it only grows in Madagascar
SG-0.81 : Cost - very high
As the name suggests, very highly figured 'stripy' grain pattern.
SG-1.08 : Cost - Medium
I also work with
Sterling Silver, Fine Silver, Copper, Bronze, Brass & Stainless Steel