Christmas Cruet sets
Boxed Set have Ash bodies, others have Maple Bodies. Both with Oak, Padauk and Ebony detail.
100 - 110mm high x 50mm ∅
Presentation Box 120mm Square, lined with Ivory Satin.
Price Guide £ 120
A Pair of Salt & Pepper Mills

This particular pair are made from Yew but they are also
available in Ash, Elm, Beech, Chestnut.

To aid easy identifacation, the tops are contrasted with
Maple & Brown Ivoty.

They have an Acrylic 'window' to indicate
when contents are getting low.

300mm tall x 72mm ∅ .

Capacity : Approx. 100g Whole Peppercorns
        300g Salt Crystals

The grinding mechanism is a ceramic 'CrushGrind'®
which has 15 levels of grind size and
carries a 25year guarantee

Price Guide £ 85

Also available singly   -   Price Guide £ 45

Although designed as 'Salt' & 'Pepper' these can
be used for all manner of spices such as cumin,
fennel, cardamom, mustard etc.

A smaller version at 165mm tall and 60mm ∅

Capacity : Approx. 35g Whole Peppercorns
100g Salt Crystals   

These are made from Chestnut with Ebony and Sycamore
bands to indicate 'Salt' or 'Pepper'

They have the same 'CrushGrind'® mechanism, just a shorter shaft.

Price Guide £ 35 each, £ 65 the pair

Two pairs - filled

To show the comparative sizes
Bud Vase - Maple body with Burbinga and Ebony
detail. fitted with glass tube to take water.
210mm high x 98mm ∅ at widest point, 55mm ∅ top.

Price Guide £ 50
Walnut - Utile Bowl with dropped/undercut rim
130mm dia - 95mm high
Price Guide £ 45    
Shallow Dish - Maple and Leadwood
Dish : 35mm high x 148mm ∅
Base : 40mm high x 60mm ∅

Price Guide £ 30
Dried Flower Vase - Sycamore body with Pink-Ivory and Ebony detail. Top and Bottom in African Blackwood
175mm high x 89mm ∅
Price Guide £ 50
T - Light holder - Maple with Ebony stringing and
burgundy glass insert.
35mm high x 120mm∅
Price Guide £ 35
Nut/Sweet dish - Ash and African Leadwood

Dish : 35mm high x 118mm ∅
Base : 48mm high x 48mm ∅ cut to 38mm Sq.

Price Guide £ 30
Tri-lobe Dish - Ash and Imbura
53mm high,
Bowl - 100mm ∅
Triangle top - 145mm side.

Price Guide £ 40
Cruet in Ash and African Blackwood with Stirling Silver tops.
82mm high x 35mm∅ base - 28mm∅ body
Price Guide £ 50
Egg Cups in Zebrano and Imbura.
66mm high x 48mm∅
Price Guide £ 30
Elliptical Pill Box in Olive.
47mm x 38mm - 36mm high
Price Guide £ 25
Napkin Ring - Jobillo and Ash with beaten copper band
72mm x 58mm Eliptical, 47mm long
bore 37mm x 48mm

Price Guide £ 20
Maple Burr with Bark inclusion. Voids filled with bronze. Walnut lid with Maple knob.
98mm ∅ - 72mm high
Price Guide £ 60
Ellipticly turned Beech and Walnut segmented trinket box
92mm x 74mm - 49mm high - Wall thickness 2mm
Price Guide £ 80
Tri-Lobe Ring box - Mahogany Body with Zebrano inset with Ebony top and bottom. Magnetic catches. Lined with Purple velvet.
82mm x 81mm - 49mm high - will take up to 8 rings up to size Z
Price Guide £ 60
Elliptical Presentation Ring box - Walnut body with Spalted Beech top and bottom. Lined with Purple velvet.
56mm x 40mm - 36mm high - will take rings up to size Y
Price Guide £ 30
Solitaire Ring Presentation box - Obeche with Walnut sliding closure. Lined with Purple velvet.
42mm x 26mm - 46mm high.
Price Guide £ 12
Solitaire Ring box - Zebrano with African Blackwood sliding closure. Lined with Purple velvet.
46mm x 23mm - 38mm high.
Price Guide £ 15
Cuff-Link Presentation box - Ash with Purple velvet Pad
and magnetic catch
73mm x 51mm - 41mm high.
Price Guide £ 25
Can also have a Monogram (see inset) either as an
applied cartouche or engraved directly in the lid or front panel.
Ear-Ring Stands from Maple, Cocobolo, Ebony, African Blackwood and Verawood. Two and three tier, designed for stud fitting ear-rings on the base with space for scrolls.
150mm to 250mm high

Price Guide £ 50 - £80
Pair of 'Lighthouse' table lamp bases in Ash -
a commision for a nauticaly themed bedroom
design with the assembly and finishing to be
done by the commisioner.
300mm high

Price Guide £ 60
Gavel with Walnut head and Verawood handle.
Head - 45mm ∅ x 79mm
Handle 275mm long, 20mm ∅

Price Guide £ 20