Box for a 'Music' themed broach
Ash with Ebony detail.
70 x 45 x 25
Price Guide £ 30
Necklace Box

150mm Sq. x 25mm high
Ash and Walnut with Ebony cam-action clasp
Price Guide £ 40
Money Box - Teak, Beach, Ash, Mahogany, Jobilo, Sycamore & Ebony
160mm high x 140mm ∅
The lid is locked on with 3 bolts activated by turning
the top once the 'catch' is released

The planets are all to scale :
Mercury - 0.41 mm ∅
Venus - 1.03 mm ∅
Earth - 1.09mm ∅
Mars - 0.58mm ∅
Jupter - 12.14mm ∅
Saturn - 10.23mm ∅

and at a relative scale distance from the 'Sun' Centre
Price Guide £ 250
'Bird' Trinket Box
100mm cube on 60mm high legs
Main body, Walnut with Ebony wings
and Pink Ivory Beak
Normally 'locked' needing the eyes to be
depressed to activate the spring latches
Price Guide £ 200
Small Pendant presentation box
Ash & Ebony with hidden sprung catch
60mm x 40mm x 20mm
Price Guide £ 35
Puzzle Box - Maple and African Blackwood
200mm x 80mm x 50mm
Using a 'Gravity' catch.
To open the lid, the box has to be tilted
first left and then right
Price Guide £ 150
Jewel box with secret catches
Walnut and Maple, 200mm x 100mm x 150mm
No 'keyholes', all catches are pressure sensitive or rotating
Price Guide £ 450