A range of writing tools from the humble ball-point through to a solid 18kt Gold nibbed Fountain Pen

These are all indiviually hand crafted from selected hardwoods and incorpoate the finest mechanisms on the market.

Six styles are available - from a 'Slim-line' twist ball-point [Flute] through to the 'solid' [Oberon]
using any of the timbers shown on the [Materials] page, either single or in combination.

The Oberon is available as a Fountain Pen, a Rollerball, a Ballpoint or Pencil, The Lysander as a Fountain or Rollerball
The Titania, Puck & Flute are Ballpoint 'Twist' pens and The Hermia is a superb quality 'Click' Ballpoint.

Individual accents in Ebony, Silver or Mother-of-Pearl can also be incorporated

For that special gift, a set in a presentaion box is sure to impress.
This could be any combination of two or three from Fountain, Rollerball, Ball-point and Pencil

Depending upon the style chosen, the fittings are available with various plating options including:
Gold, Rose Gold, Rhodium, GunMetal, Brushed Pewter, Antique Copper, Chrome & Black Titanium.

Since every piece I make is hand crafted and therefore unique, the 'Price Guide' is just that - a Guide
the actual price will depend upon many factors such as timber selected and colour/finish of the fittings.

The 'Flute' model is the entry level range since the fittings are polished & laqured brass whereas all other
models are Gold, Rhodium, Chrome etc. plated or made from Titanium so naturally have higher basic costs.

Similarly, selection of a timber such as Ash or Beech would lower the cost but Cocobolo or Kingwood would increase it.
OBERON Rollerball
Olive with Titanium Black fittings
Weight - - - 46g
Price Guide £ 68
LYSANDER Rollerball
Brown Oak with Rose Gold fittings
Weight - - - 47g
Price Guide £ 71.50
OBERON Rollerball
Zebrano with Titanium Gold plate
Weight - - - 45g
Price Guide £ 68
FLUTE Ball-point
Cocobolo with Maple stripe
Weight - - - 21g

Price Guide £ 45
FLUTE Ball-point
Boxwood with
African Blackwood Accent
Weight - - - 21g
Price Guide £ 15
Hermia 'Click' Ball-point
Cocobolo with Gold fittings and 3 rows of
5 Mother-of-Pearl 'Dots' inset
Weight - - - 37g
Price Guide £ 125
Titania 'Twist' Ball-point
Thuya Burr with GunMetal accents
& Gold fittings
Weight - - - 39g
Price Guide £ 50

There follows an example of a 'Set' of instruments in a presentation case

The set consists of a Fountain Pen, a Rollerball Pen and a Pencil, all using the 'Oberon' Kit in Gold
with brushed Gold accent. Created from Kingwood with a Burr Maple band.

The Presentation Case also maches the pens. The top is a slice of Maple Burr with Kingwood surround,
Front and back are Maple and the sides African Leadwood
It is lined with Satin.

Fountain Pen - weight: 47gm       Price Guide - £110
Rollerball Pen - weight: 47gm       Price Guide - £90
Pencil - weight: 49gm       Price Guide - £105
Closed Case - 180mm wide - 108mm deep - 38mm high
Price Guide - £250

Set complete Price Guide - £525

Puck 'Twist' Ball-point
African Blackwood with 3 Mother-of-Pearl 'Dots' - Chrome fittings
Weight - - - 42g

Price Guide £ 60
Puck 'Twist' Ball-point
Masur Birch & Thuya Burr with Ebony ring - Gold fittings
Weight - - - 39g

Price Guide £ 70
Flute 'Twist' Ball-point
Imbura with Maple accent
Weight - - - 21g

Price Guide £ 31.50
Flute 'Twist' Ball-point
Burmese Teak with 'groove' detail
Weight - - - 18g
Price Guide £ 25